Our official shorts

Splash Star Clothings official Berry collection shorts including our $30 ”Spl blueberry shorts” and our “Spl strawberry shorts”


Splash Star Clothing’s “ Clouded Shorts”

Splash Star clothings Clouded shorts are loved by everyone because of its unique design, and it’s outstanding quality made with 5-6 inch inseam, and 100% mesh material



Introducing our official Starz Flared Tracksuit Collection, featuring our iconic Triple Starz Hoodie priced at $50 and our signature Starz Flared Sweatpants at $45. When paired together, this tracksuit ensemble totals up to $95, embodying both style and comfort.


We extend our sincere gratitude to the talented individuals who graciously lent their skills and presence to showcase our brand, Splash Star Clothing. A heartfelt shout-out to our remarkable models for their invaluable contribution.

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  • When Was The Brand Created?

    Splash Star Clothing was established on March 11 2023 this brand was started by "Diego Cruz" and the Splash Team, Diego the founder of the brand had an idea to create a brand and worked hard to make his dreams come true as an entreupeneur.

  • Why Was The Brand Created And What Inspired It?

    The clothing brand Splash Star Clothing was heavily inspired by two big clothing brand owners known as "Nas & Yad" which own "BSLM CLOTHING & WATCH YOUR STEP" which inspired to create clothing for others, The brand was also created to inspire others to wear with confidence and let your outfit inspire others and tell a story.

  • Where Do We See Our Brand In A Couple Of Years?

    To start off we put in work everyday for this brand and honestly we see our brand going up in a couple of years grabbing more people's attention and making it big some day.

The Pros About Buying From Us

Good quality

Our brand has good and unmatched quality with the best fabrics for our fullzips +shorts + others

Soft And Comfortable

We make sure to use good and only the best quality so our costumers are not only happy but satisfied with their purchase

Good Prices

Our prices are reasonable and affordable these prices wont break the bank and will benefit the both of us

Good Service

We have good service & shipping service we communicate with all of our costumers

The Message Behind Our Brand

"Splash Star Clothing where street style meets unstoppable spirit turning every street into your runaway of resilience, wear the attitude of success, because in our threads, you're to triumph and let your style make a splash because every outfit tells a story worth sharing